II  Lost in loneliness we feel like beggars, finding our aloneness, we become Buddhas II

Less is more
Simplicity is serenity
Everyone is connected

The healing place, a feast for the senses
A place for discovering the truth that the soul yearns for
A place to go inwards, to deal with the outwards
A place to be nourished and feel connected and supported

Become a philosopher and ask yourself “Who am I ?”

And the only distraction in your seeking will be
The birds chirping
The butterflies fluttering
The leaves rustling
The wind hustling
The raindrops splashing…

II  Truth is known by its own simplicity II

Abide in silence, or
Engage in discussion
Understand your true free will

It is not about who you know, but to know yourself – the Primal Self
As pristine as the child’s first breath – the Inner Child
As pure as the season’s first snowfall – the true Nature

Drop off from the peaks of page three to the abyss of anonymity.

TanTien, a blend of Eastern mysticism and Western precision

Where the Yin and the Yang, the Shiva and Shakti are woven together in a melodious song of perfection.

TanTien, a place to discover your inner Buddha.

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