II  If they heed not thy call, walk alone II
Lao Tzu
You and me





The healer and healee

Let us come together to create TanTien
Our Primal Nature, to find the Inner Child
Extend your hand to heal and be healed

Ek Ashraya   Ek Asha   Ek Kiran…

II When you carry water, carry water II

Career is one’s indulgence and one’s domain of expertise, something that fuels you enough to walk ahead.

SB Billimoria | Price Waterhouse | Morgan Stanley | Fidelity Investments | JP Morgan | Birla Sunlife | Tantien Services


II If you want enlightenment, go and wash dishes II
Bombay | New York | Luxembourg | Hong Kong | Boston | London | Mumbai | Toronto | Pune

Having walked many paths, having seen life from different angles, from different turns of various roads, having played numerous roles in the life game…

Accounting Finance | Consulting | Asset Management | Corporate Executive | Energy Healer | Reiki Master | Yoga Teacher | Meditation Facilitator |  Life Style Coach | Counselor | Therapist | Zen Practitioner

Now moving on to self discovery.

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