II When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained II

We know that a bit of cruel ice resides in your heart also, as it does in mine.

We know that you limply fall in your bed after a day’s tiring work.

We know that you could smile more than you do.

We know that tears of glass stream silently down your pale face once in a while.

We know that you feel often that no one understands… do you?

We know that you too ignore the wounds of that person next to you.

We know that anger boils inside you, but you hide it well.

We know that you wish someone heard your soundless screams.

We know that you wish that someone noticed the silent torment in your voice.

We know that you are waiting for someone to detect your hidden hell.

II When we meet the enemy and realize that it is within us, our troubles end, our life brightens II

We know that we are all born to love, to nourish, to heal, to see the beauty of life every single moment and to experience the essence of life.

We know that you yearn for happiness; you search for its path outside your being, when it is within you… unimaginable bliss rooting from love.

Loosen your senses to regain life in its purest form.

Liberate your self to wander and explore the beatitudes of life.

A place to heal…
Your self, your being, others, the world…
Eternity and beyond

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