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In Love With Myself

When I embarked on the spiritual quest at the tender age of seven, staring at the sky and the moon and the stars, the question was, ‘Who Am I’?

After forty long years, I found the answer, at the feet of my gurus Osho and Ramesh Balsekar, ‘I Am That’.


About Us

When we meet the enemy and realize that it is within us, our troubles end, our life brightens

We know that we are all born to love, to nourish, to heal, to see the beauty of life every single moment and to experience the essence of life.


What We Offer

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    Words are a blockage, Feel the vibration. Full Moon Meditation.

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    Workshops are satsangs, a get together to share the highest and the purest.

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    India is the anahat chakra of our planet Earth, the karma bhoomi. It all started here, when wisdom first dawned and civilization took root.

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    Find your own Healing Self through various therapies.

Love With Myself

If you want enlightenment, go and wash dishes

Having walked many paths, having seen life from different angles, from different turns of various roads, having played numerous roles in the life game…


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Living the spirit of service with a progressive beat.

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Your self, your being, others, the world… Eternity and beyond

Less is more
Simplicity is serenity
Everyone is connected

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